Building excellence through commitment + curiosity

– founded on a tradition of craftsmanship + service.

In 1967 Harold Gall and Robert Landau were finishing an industrial project in the Puget Sound area for their employer, McDonald Construction. When the call came to return to the main office in St. Louis, they looked at their new Pacific Northwest lifestyle – and respectfully declined.


Rooted in the Pacific Northwest culture of innovation and creativity, GLY continues to build upon the legacy of Gall, Landau and their partner Young. With an unwavering focus on exceptional customer service we continue to shape a portfolio of great projects and evolve a delivery process that seeks the best new practices to achieve a whole new level of efficiency, accuracy and performance for our clients.


The heart and soul of GLY is the passion and skill of our employees. We strive to create an environment where a diverse group of highly motivated, intellectually curious people thrive. This means the right physical environment, a high-performance culture, high standards, sharing lessons learned and rewarding outstanding effort.

GLY values

  • Be safe — for your family, your team and our community.
  • Invest in each other.
  • Never stop learning and questioning.
  • Be true to our PNW roots.
  • Lead with integrity.