The year 2075. That’s what we think about every day, mindful that the things we build—and the way we build them—will influence people, places, and the planet 50 years from now. So we’ve reimagined the construction process from top to bottom. Tap the experts on day one. Incorporate the latest technologies. And embrace innovation to help us make the best decisions for you, for tomorrow, and for everyone along the way.

Virtual Design + Construction

Building on the latest advances in digital graphics, GLY weaves technology together with a new way of thinking about design and construction coordination. Our VDC-enabled workforce is equipped with tools and workflows we leverage through BIM, estimate-based modeling, advanced work packaging and fabrication, 4D and 5D scheduling, reality capture, and other immersive environments.

Trevor Lunde

Director of Virtual Design+Construction


Supporting Informed Decision-Making

As buildings become increasingly complex and schedules more demanding, VDC supports all project stakeholders in working together to develop buildable, cost-effective, timely solutions. And with the ability to experience your project virtually prior to construction, you can make better, more informed choices that add value and future flexibility.

Data Management

The Internet of Things [IoT] is rapidly bringing the future to our doorstep by connecting our physical environment to a digital one. Our suite of data management services enables you to collect, analyze, and leverage building information for future intelligence applications.

Digital Transformation

Whether you need a digital twin that makes your building smarter—and easier to manage—or a strategy for linking multiple sources of data, our digital transformation experts work with you to find the best platform and path forward for unleashing more predictable, actionable, data-driven decisions.

Research + Development

The construction industry is often perceived as slow to invest in R+D. Not us. We see the future fast approaching. And we believe that every company, no matter the industry, must be a technology firm first. Smart use of technology can—and will—improve the transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness of the construction process.

Our R+D managers are constantly exploring, testing, and introducing new and emerging technologies that are drastically changing the way our industry operates—and how future projects will be completed—to deliver greater value.