We are intentionally invested in our shared Pacific Northwest future. And the social, economic, and environmental resilience of this region. We place a high value on continuous learning, always seeking to improve in everything we do. From employee health and advancement, to innovations in sustainable building practices, to smart technologies and processes that drive greater efficiency. We keep our eyes on the outcomes. And then aim to go beyond.


A healthy environment depends on each of us taking care of each other, every day. As safety stewards, nothing is more important than doing what’s right for our employees, our clients, and the projects we deliver.

Safety First

On the jobsite, project schedules are carefully planned to assure safety is never compromised. Everyone is encouraged to stop unsafe work and address any issue immediately. We cultivate a team atmosphere that engages all jobsite workers through education, positive reinforcement, and partnership.

Safety extends to social and psychological health as well. We are a zero-tolerance company when it comes to harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. We train our leaders on the importance of an inclusive environment and provide them with the tools and training to achieve it. Healthy employees build healthy communities—which benefits all of us.


We have Pacific Northwest roots and are leaders in the Puget Sound region. It is our home. Because Leading with Integrity is one of our core values, we know that leadership begins with doing what is right for our employees, our communities, and the environment. At GLY we use sustainable building practices on every project, regardless of any certification goals, because it’s our responsibility to preserve our natural eco-systems for future generations.

Headshot of Laura Soma

Laura Soma

Sustainability Manager


Construction worker unloading and inspecting cross-laminated timber (CLT) panel

Our Vision

Our industry is evolving at a rapid rate. We are actively involved in organizations driving change, and we are committed to reducing waste and mitigating impacts on the planet and your budget. Our sustainability efforts include rigorous fuel and electricity tracking; carbon offsetting; and working with our clients and project team partners to enhance a project’s long-term viability. And as a Salmon Safe Contractor, we help keep our beautiful PNW waters clean and healthy.

Sustainability is also fundamental to social equity. Historically, people in poor neighborhoods, indigenous communities, and people of color have felt the greatest effects of climate change and economic disadvantage. We take charge of taking care of the environment, and providing physical and psychological safety, non-discrimination in hiring, and pay parity across all positions.

Our Commitment


At least 75% of our jobsite materials are recycled, reused, or diverted from landfills


Social equity = clean air, clean water, and economic opportunity


Smart BIM reduces rework, waste, and carbon to protect the environment and your budget


Incorporate electric vehicles into our fleet by 2025.

Electrify all tools + equipment by 2025.

Use renewable diesel in all non-electric delivery vehicles.


We embrace Lean project delivery as an inherently sustainable, effective, and responsible way to build the future. And care for those who will live here next. Because the core focus of Lean is to increase value while minimizing waste, we’ve integrated Lean thinking across our company—from internal operations to preconstruction to final delivery. We believe it’s the best way to save you time and money, preserve resources, and ensure the highest quality in every aspect of construction.