Sitting along the Lake Washington waterfront in Madison Park, the 23-story Washington Park Tower has been home to many Seattleites for decades and serves as a landmark for locals. To keep the building and its homeowners thriving for years to come, GLY replaced its original domestic water system, which dated back to 1969.

This major upgrade—replacing all galvanized piping with copper—included a system of 12 vertical risers through the building and hot + cold distribution runouts to every sink, shower, washing machine, and dishwasher. Scope of work to complete this overhaul, in addition to the pipe replacements, included selective demolition, new insulation, patch back, and replacing tile and wall finishes, which varied throughout the units.


Washington Park Tower

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Holaday-Parks Inc


52 Units

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Washington Park Laundry Room

Return to Normal

Matching, replacing, and returning finishes to their existing appearance was no small feat with 52 unique units—some featuring materials dating back to 1969. To simplify this process and ensure a smooth transition back to existing conditions, the team used the following approach:

  • Cataloged and photographed existing conditions before opening any wall.
  • Color matched painted walls and repainted from corner to corner for a uniform look.
  • Provided homeowners with samples of replacement tile, stone, and Venetian plaster for approval months in advance of construction.
  • Repaired, reinstalled, and repainted casework to its original condition and owner’s satisfaction.

Minimize Disruption

To prevent extended water shut-downs, the team divided the work into eight phases. Each phase covered three floors and six to nine units. When under construction, each residence still had a functional sink, shower, and toilet aside from brief daytime shutdowns, served by temporary lines as needed. This approach was possible thanks to the building's 12 risers, which allowed some to remain in operation while others were shut down.

Washington Park Mechanical Worker
Washington Park Kitchen with Craftsman Working
Washington Park Mechanical Worker