Situated in Puyallup's South Hill community, Stahl Junior High School opened its doors in 1993. To meet today's 1000-student educational specification, the Puyallup School District embarked on a journey to enhance the school's offerings with a variety of renovations and increase space with a 16,000 square foot addition—both supported by state-matched funds generated through a 2015 bond.

Phase 1 of this endeavor, spearheaded by GLY, encompassed the renovation of five classrooms, including two dedicated to home economics, a woodshop, and an art studio. Additional features include new stage flooring and an operable partition, as well as comprehensive mechanical upgrades. Site improvements involved the demolition of outdoor utilities associated with removed portables, preparation of new work areas, and installation of permanent and temporary walk surfaces.


Puyallup School District


Studio Meng Strazzara


12,000 SF



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