Darkened/stylized background image of construction workers cutting wood
Portrait of Donovan Mabbott

Donovan Mabbott


Final: Over the last 30 years, Donovan’s appreciation for quality craftsmanship combined with his natural ability to manage the many moving parts and pieces of a construction jobsite from start to finish has garnered trust and respect from GLY employees, trade partners, and clients. From interior build-outs to full campus developments, he approaches each project by tapping into each team member’s strengths, talents, and skillsets to develop a thoughtful plan—together. Witnessing that plan unfold successfully is his favorite part of his job. On the home front, there is never a dull moment with his four kids, granddaughter, and three dogs—each bringing joy to the family with their own unique personalities. Skylar, the littlest pup, runs the pack.