What better location than the Seattle waterfront—with its planes, trains, cruise ships, green spaces, and multi-use trails—for Expedia Group to showcase its identity? The online travel giant’s Interbay campus transformation was not for the faint of heart. Before moving into its new home, a collaborative, optimistic, and forward-thinking AECO team embarked on a six-year journey to transform 40+ acres of former biotech facilities into a sprawling 1,950,000 square foot, eight-building biophilic campus.

Inspired by its unique surroundings and placement in the Pacific Northwest, the new campus incorporates natural elements at every turn. Responsible decisions regarding design, materials, processes, and ongoing maintenance resulted in a sustainable, welcoming environment that brings the outside in and encourages the opposite – inspiring employees to step outside.

Project scope and features include, but are not limited to:

  • Selective demolition and re-positioning of five existing buildings for new office space.
  • Central Utility Plant reconfiguration.
  • New two-story atrium with spacious central hub large enough to accommodate a 1,000-person town hall.
  • Market Hall with globally inspired dining options.
  • New curved office building with entry-point water feature.
  • Two new parking structures.
  • Large fields for games of soccer or cricket.
  • Ample outdoor meeting spaces including an amphitheater that supports Wi-Fi and strong mobile data.
  • Standalone conference building, The Prow, featuring a green roof that emerges out of the ground.
  • Public waterfront trail and restored beach called The Point.


Expedia Group

Owner Representative

Seneca Group


ZGF Architects | SurfaceDesign


750,000 SF garage | 800,000 SF renovation | 300,000 SF new buildings

Year Completed



LEED Gold + Salmon-Safe

Approach Spotlight

Reliable As-Builts

Without access to reliable as-builts of the existing shell + core structures due to their age and the transition in building ownership, GLY’s layout team laser scanned the entire facility and developed 3D as-builts. These highly accurate scans helped inform precise, high-quality drawings for the office build-outs.

Elliott Bay Trail Reroute

The heavily trafficked Elliott Bay Trail runs through Expedia’s new headquarters. Instead of simply working around the trail, the team saw an opportunity to improve it for commuters by softening abrupt corners and opening up space to the waterfront. During this process, with input from the Cascade Bicycle Club, GLY creatively re-routed the pathway around construction activities to support a safe, uninterrupted commuter experience until the new, revamped trail opened.

Adaptive Reuse

Converting laboratory space into light-filled open offices required a critical first step: salvaging 800,000 square feet of lab equipment. GLY assisted Expedia Group in the safe haul off of auctioned or donated equipment from existing 800,000 SF of lab space, conversation of existing paper copy as-builts and O&Ms to over 14,000 file electronic library, phased collection and disposal of over 4,000 tons of construction debris to support removal of existing lab space buildout.

Sustainable Solutions

Aiming for Salmon Safe and LEED Gold Certification, environmental stewardship was top of mind from day one. Sustainable efforts and campus features include:

  • Extensive reuse of existing infrastructure from the previous campus.
  • Update equipment to improve efficiency and meet the 2015 Energy Code.
  • Expansive solar array system.
  • Enhanced metering beyond code requirements to optimize Owner facility operations [specific and granular system reporting abilities].
  • Industry-leading electro-colloidal water treatment system for superior treatment and discharge.
  • Collaboration with Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife to advise on wildlife protection.