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Laura Soma

Sustainability Manager

Meet Laura

The spotlight on the building industry, known to produce significant waste, is hotter than ever as society increasingly insists that developers, designers, engineers, and contractors prioritize the health of our planet. How can we be better stewards of both the built environment and the process to get there?

Significant change starts with commitment – from many.

BuildingGreen gave me the incredible opportunity in 2017 to join the Sustainable Construction Leaders [SCL] group comprised of over 40 general contractors from across the nation. The SCL’s purpose is to share knowledge, have well-informed discussions, create positive change in the industry, and ultimately, develop sustainable guidelines specific to builders. At the inaugural summit in 2018 we began the journey to answer the crucial stewardship question, and in December 2020 published the official Contractor’s Commitment, a result of fierce conversations, collaboration, and diligent documentation.

In simplest terms, the Contractor’s Commitment is a roadmap to building green. It provides contractors with an ambitious yet feasible approach to improve stewardship, reduce carbon footprints, and create healthier work environments for crews on the jobsite. GLY is honored to be among the first contractors to begin this journey with BuildingGreen.

The Commitment breaks down stewardship efforts into five manageable categories:

  • Carbon Tracking and Reduction
  • Jobsite Wellness
  • Waste Management
  • Water Management
  • Material Selections

GLY always strives for best practices when it comes to sustainable responsibility, and this Commitment provides a standard for tracking progress.

As we put the Contractor’s Commitment into action and expand our sustainable practices and measuring tools, we invite you to join us. We look forward to sharing the results of our efforts in 2022.

If you are interested in more information about BuildingGreen and the Contractor’s Commitment, please email me at laura.soma@gly.com.