Professional portrait of GLY employee Janine Messina

Janine Messina

Marketing Manager

Meet Janine

Bob Davis, Carpenter Foreman

Completed Apprenticeship in October 2017
Current Project: Amazon Block 21

Carpenter Foreman Bob Davis found a meaningful career path after several years of searching for inspiration and ultimately feeling a bit lost. In his 20s, he gave college a whirl and dabbled in a variety of jobs, not staying long at any of them. Although he pulled his own weight, Bob admits he never pushed himself to the best of his abilities.

At 30, Bob realized he needed—and truly wanted—to pursue work that not only provided a comfortable living wage, but also challenged him and sent him home with a strong sense of self-worth. However, as many of us know, pursuing the American dream can be easier said than done.

Thinking realistically about various options and with a bit of encouragement from family, Bob decided to pursue carpentry and thus, the apprenticeship program.

With his brother and stepfather in the industry, Bob already had insight into construction and life in the field. However, even with more experience and intel than others pursuing construction, he knew that the program would provide a solid career foundation and necessary skills that couldn’t be matched through other means.

What attracted him most? The potential wages and flexibility to grow. An apprenticeship gives participants the basic knowledge needed to perform a variety of skills, no matter which direction life takes them; knowledge that transcends many tasks.

If you are thinking about bypassing a construction apprenticeship and going straight into the field, Bob will be the first to persuade you otherwise. Skipping the program isn’t necessarily the wrong decision, but Bob knows that natural talent can only take him so far. Skill is based on training and gives him and the firm he is working for that competitive edge.

Now in a comfortable phase of his life with a career he is proud of, his sights are set on a practical goal: learn something new every day. Thankfully, the learning opportunities in construction are extensive if not endless.