Professional portrait of GLY employee Janine Messina

Janine Messina

Marketing Manager

Meet Janine

Matt Limes, Apprentice – 6th Period

Current Project: Microsoft Campus

Matt didn’t immediately dive into construction upon reaching adulthood, but his fascination for the industry started at an early age. Growing up, he was the kid who asked questions—a lot of them—especially when it came to construction. After serving in the military and exploring other career interests, Matt knew it was time to entertain pursuing his boyhood passion.

After moving to Washington State, a good friend urged him to join the Carpenters Union. While it took some convincing, Matt is thankful for his friend’s persistent encouragement to pursue something he would truly enjoy.

In his first year as an apprentice, he was lucky to work under the mentorship of a friend, which made those first few months less intimidating. Now at GLY, Matt says “the mentoring mentality continues. My General Foreman and Superintendent consistently help advance my skill-set and give me a better understanding of what it means to be a quality construction worker.”

Currently three years into the program, Matt admits he still learns something new every day. He arrives to work with an open mind and ready to learn a new skill or process.

Someday, he hopes to be a Superintendent. He understands that he has much more to learn and is determined to be a leader in the construction industry—passing along his knowledge and skills to apprentices just like him.