ULI Northwest | Adapting to an Uncertain Office Market

April 19 | MG2 Seattle

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There is much debate on the conversion of excess vacant office space to residential. A meaningful discussion requires clarifying if we are addressing huge housing deficits or seeking to revitalize our downtown. Each emphasis needs its own approach and strategy.

It is evident that without considerable subsidies, office to residential conversions will likely produce only higher-end housing. This will not significantly address our affordable or middle-income housing shortfalls.

A more fruitful discussion emerges from focusing on revitalizing the current and longstanding malaise impacting Seattle's downtown core. Naturally, some conversions to housing can be reasonably imagined as part of this process.

In this event, panelists Lori Hill, Unico; Kevin Eng, GLY; Rico Quirindongo, City of Seattle OPCD; and Case Creal, Gensler; will share their views on where the future potential for this transformation lies and what must happen to effect desired positive change.