The University VW sales center renovation brings Volkswagen of America’s lighthouse project to fruition: a facility specifically designed to sell its growing fleet of all-electric vehicles. Originally built in the early 1970s and renovated in 2000, the existing University VW showroom was stripped down to its frame and foundation and rebuilt to meet Electrical Vehicle Standards.

In addition to structural improvements, new façades, and interior finishes, the building features updated mechanical systems, exterior RTUs, and extensive electrical upgrades to provide adequate power for fast charging stations in the showroom and service center, as well as a super charger in the parking lot.

University VW remained opened to customers throughout construction. GLY kept the parking lot clear during business hours, performed all noisy work during appropriate times, and coordinated large deliveries with the facility staff to prevent blocking access or disrupting their day-to-day operations.


Freeway Motors


Gordon Fleener Architects


4,500 SF

Year Completed