The three-year Job Order Contract [JOC] with King County covers a range of performance improvement projects that vary in location, scope, and value. Project types include repairs, tenant improvements, renovations, and restorations of public buildings, parks, recreation facilities, walkways, parking lots, and civil sites and nearly always occur within or near occupied environments. GLY works with various departments and agencies including Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste, the King County Airport, and Metro Transit to develop work plans specific to each project.

To date, GLY has supported King County with the following projects:

  • Tenant Improvements
  • Site Improvements
  • Site Remediation
  • Site Utilities
  • Road Improvements
  • Building Demolition
  • Communication Tower Repairs
  • Communication Tower Demolition
  • Exterior Envelope Repairs
  • Excavation
  • Levee Improvements
  • Minor Maintenance


King County


2020 - 2023

Project Examples

Shake Mill Left Bank Fencing Project | North Bend

To protect adjacent property owners and the public, GLY installed fencing along the Shake Mill Left Bank Flood Plain. Scope of work included metal mesh fencing, split-rail fencing, and traffic gates.

Black Diamond Open Space [BDOS] Bridge Replacement

The Black Diamond Open Space [BDOS] Bridge Replacement involved the complete rebuild and installation of a pedestrian and equestrian crossing over Ravensdale Creek in the BDOS park area – a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts, mountain bikers, and horse riders. The previous bridge, assembled by volunteers, no longer met the needs of the park. The new bridge provides a safer crossing with its wider path and railings. Due to its remote location, a helicopter removed the existing bridge and flew in materials and sections of the new bridge to the site.

King County Aquatic Center Bolt Replacement + Coatings | Federal Way

King County Aquatic Center was originally constructed for the 1990 Goodwill Games and needed structural repairs to existing skylight systems. GLY installed an engineered scaffolding system over the existing catwalk to access the skylight systems’ metal supports for repairs. In addition to replacing rusted and damaged steel bolts with the help of union iron workers, GLY partnered with NI Painting, an MBE firm, to coordinate a specialized Tnemec paint coating system for the finishing of the project’s surface.

Fairwood United Community Methodist Church Green Stormwater Project | Renton

This pilot project involved the conversion of a 5,000 square foot parking lot landscape island into a raingarden. The Church initially contacted King County about a drainage problem on the property, and following a site investigation, was deemed a candidate for a green stormwater infrastructure makeover. Now, nearly a half acre of rooftop stormwater runoff is diverted into the raingarden.

Cedar Hills Regional Landfill Vault Installation | Maple Valley

Following emergency repairs to the leachate line along Cedar Grove Road, GLY installed two precast vaults to house permanent fittings. The vaults also provide the King County Solid Waste Division with access to the piping for easier maintenance. Scope included large excavations and a slide rail shoring system to hoist the vaults into place.

KCIA Aircraft Rescue + Firefighting Facility Improvements | Seattle

The airport’s fire station remained operational 24/7 while GLY completed several design-build improvements including HVAC updates and the installation of a new steel mezzanine. To prevent truck exhaust from entering the facility, GLY added a room with positive pressure between the apparatus bay and living quarters. The new mezzanine provides storage space for emergency supplies. A removable railing provides staff with easy access to supplies via forklift.