Have you heard about Microsoft’s ‘machine in the woods’? Check out the recent article by Microsoft’s Vanessa Ho for the full scoop on this exciting addition to the Redmond Campus: Unusual ‘machine in the woods’ taps clean energy deep underground for new Microsoft campus.

Nestled in the corner of the Microsoft Campus Modernization project site, the Thermal Energy Center, or TEC, and adjacent field of 875 geowells will make up a centralized heating and cooling system that uses thermal energy from deep beneath the Earth’s surface. The TEC will store water that travels through miles of piping—heating or cooling along the way based on campus needs—and distribute it as clean energy. The TEC will also feature solar panels, chillers, thermal energy storage tanks, and cooling towers as part of the clean energy strategy for the Redmond Campus.

GLY is the General Contractor for the TEC and geoexchange system, which will be one of the first projects of the Microsoft Campus Modernization to finish.