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Dave McGovern

Director of Interiors+Special Projects

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Revitalize. Repurpose. Refresh.

The GLY Interiors + Special Projects [ISP] portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of project types, transcending specific market sectors.

From university classrooms and trendsetting dining establishments to surgical suites and research laboratories, ISP ventures demand specialized expertise and meticulous attention. These endeavors involve transforming existing spaces to meet evolving requirements. Despite their diversity, ISP projects share a common objective: enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Particularly relevant in today’s challenging local market, ISP also focuses on repositioning assets economically to attract the next tenant or change the use. This emphasis on revitalization seamlessly aligns with our commitment to a sustainable future, as it involves repurposing buildings and enhancing the existing built environment to endure for decades, minimizing environmental impact and promoting resource efficiency.

Value in Versatility

Our ISP team comprises 50+ versatile individuals dedicated to specialized projects. From tenant improvements and meticulous restorations to structural retrofits and utility upgrades, ISP handles diverse challenges with expertise. Each project, no matter the size, receives precise attention to deliver exceptional results.

Supported by GLY’s extensive in-house resources, including Estimators, Design Managers, and MEPF and Commissioning Specialists, ISP’s six portfolio-based teams excel. With projects becoming increasingly complex due to evolving codes and mandates, ISP readily taps into these additional resources available at arm’s length.

What does this mean for project owners? ISP’s triple advantage includes:

Tailored Approach: We see partners at the table, not transactions. Each project is unique and deserves a customized strategy. We begin by listening to understand your priorities, ask questions to clarify assumptions, and craft a reliable plan to achieve your goals.

Scalable Delivery: ISP projects often involve intricate phasing, accelerated schedules, and work in occupied environments. Our experts thrive within these constraints — responding quickly, creatively, and effectively to maximize your time and investment.

Quality Results: Our approach turns challenges into enjoyable experiences, fostering lasting relationships with local trade partners, suppliers, and authorities. These connections ensure high-quality craftsmanship with competitive pricing.

Business as Usual

Almost all ISP projects take place in occupied environments, requiring increased focus on safety, cleanliness, and strategic phasing to allow client businesses to continue to operate smoothly. Effective communication and a thoroughly researched work plan are essential to maintaining a safe and productive environment for those who are impacted by construction. ISP’s track record of successfully completing projects in occupied spaces demonstrates our ability to collaborate, communicate, adapt, and deliver while minimizing disruptions.

ISP employs a wide range of processes and tools to ensure business continuity—from sticky mats to minimize dust to strict infection control plans for critical care environments. A strategic phasing plan played a crucial role in minimizing disruptions for patients and residents during the Kline Galland Home's hospice renovation.

Embracing Alternative Delivery

Owners across the region are showing a growing preference for alternative delivery methods, particularly for projects ranging from $5M to $20M with ambitious objectives. These projects are entrusted to ISP’s capable hands. In addition to job order contracting for swift and ongoing service work, ISP excels in the highly collaborative realms of progressive design-build and GC/CM approaches. We work harmoniously with owners, designers, and trade partners to identify cost-saving opportunities from the outset and maximize the budget’s efficiency.

GLY partnered with Mithun to complete the University of Washington Art Building Renovation using a Progressive Design-Build delivery approach.

Post-Occupancy Services

GLY continues to support owners long after completing milestone projects through post-occupancy work and regular maintenance — constant priorities for preserving an owner’s assets. Dedicated ISP teams have remained a regular presence on a variety of properties throughout the Puget Sound region for years, offering tailored solutions that align with each client’s facility, staff, and organizational needs.

We primarily engage with clients through Service Work or Master Agreements, using incremental work orders with pre-approved rates and services. This approach efficiently addresses post-occupancy changes and service requirements.

GLY’s self-perform capabilities further enhance our post-occupancy services. With over 57 years of experience, our skilled craftspeople deliver consistent best-in-class performance, providing schedule and cost savings opportunities throughout construction stages. As signatories to multiple unions, including the Carpenters, Laborers, Cement Masons, and Operating Engineers, we conduct this work with our dedicated crews.

Post-warranty construction services often include amenity enhancements such as EV charging stations.

From Critical Care to Critical Infrastructure

The following projects demonstrate the breadth and depth of ISP’s capabilities. For a more comprehensive view of the team’s experience, we invite you to:

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center | L7 Neighborhood Care Clinic

UW Medical Center Northwest Hospital | B-Wing Operating Rooms

BioMed Realty | Incubator Labs at 201 Elliott

GGLO | Seattle Office Tenant Improvement

Expedia Group | Seattle Headquarters Building J L4

University Volkswagen | EV Showroom

Griffis Residential | Lake Washington Amenity Renovations

University of Washington | Off-Site Shelving + iSchool Retrofit

University Temple Children's School | Early Learning Restrooms

Washington Park Tower Condominiums | Capital Improvements

King County | Job Order Contract – Concrete, Drainage, Asphalt

Here to Help

Whether you're planning a full office refresh or just need a few new doors installed, ISP is prepared to support your next improvement project. No matter the project’s scale or complexity, you can rely on us for cost-effective options, personalized customer service, and a commitment to safety throughout the process.

Please reach out to Director of ISP Dave McGovern to start a conversation.

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