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Jane Mounsey

Human Resources Director

Meet Jane

The construction industry needs workers—always! Over the years, we've made great progress improving career entry pathways via mentorships, trade schools, and university degree programs.

But years ago, we identified a blind spot: too many young people didn't know about the broad range of opportunities in construction. High school students were deciding on careers based on peer or family influence or general awareness of options—without understanding the family wages, fulfilling work, or diverse fields the construction industry offers, from management to robotics to finish carpentry. And if they did understand, they didn't have resources available to optimally prepare for these fields in high school.

That’s why the AGC developed CORE PLUS Construction with the support of numerous high schools and contractors such as GLY.

What is CORE PLUS?

CORE PLUS is a two-year, in-school, Washington State approved, pre-apprenticeship program* that prepares students for construction careers in the field and office. 56 Washington high schools offer the program, a big number given its state approval in 2020.

Through high school credit equivalencies, students learn math, science, language arts, history, and other topics in a construction context. Upon graduation, they're well equipped to pursue construction management or engineering majors, or to be accepted into a trade apprenticeship [e.g. Northwest Carpenter’s Institute].

The program aligns rigorous curricula with outstanding career opportunities. Students learn about construction when they're still dreaming about potential careers, and they share their experiences with friends, which we know is the best way to spread the word! It's a win-win.

A Bit of History

CORE PLUS was developed by the AGC of Washington’s Education Foundation [AGCEF]. Its Workforce Development Committee has worked on this concept for almost 10 years, with many competing solutions along the way. At one point, they even considered a Construction High School. Today's program was developed with the help of many—from general contractors and trade contractors to local unions, colleges, and universities.

Many staff and volunteers are devoted to supporting CORE PLUS—not only in its expansion to additional schools but to its emergence as a model curriculum for the AGC of America.

Want to Learn More?

Reach out to me at jane.mounsey@gly.com or Sarah Patterson at the AGC Education Foundation at spatterson@agcwa.com.

*High schools offer a 540-hour curriculum. Several CTE skill centers offer a 1,080-hour program.