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Project Executive

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Breaking records and achieving firsts, whether local or national, is always exciting for a construction project—especially when it improves efficiency.

On March 24, Linden Comansa achieved a first on GLY’s Rufus 2.0 Block 21 site, part of Amazon’s Seattle Headquarters in Seattle’s downtown Denny Triangle neighborhood. It’s one worth recognizing. As construction sites become more constrained and the use of heavier materials and prefabricated components increases, general contractors must seek out the most efficient cranes to run their sites. This often involves using at least one luffing crane, which unlike a conventional tower crane, operators can move the boom up and down depending on the picking needs. Plus, its out-of-service radius allows for closer installation to other project obstructions.

Linden Comansa listened to the needs of its clients and in 2017, proudly introduced the LCL700 luffing jib crane. This crane addresses efficiency in numerous ways, from ease of assembly to radius flexibility to load tonnage.

Not only is it the first of its kind in the world, it is Linden Comansa’s largest luffing crane in North and South America. And it’s right here in Seattle.

What makes this crane so unique?

  • It’s BIG. It is the largest luffing jib tower crane manufactured by Linden Comansa. Erected with an initial tower height of 66.9 feet, it will climb to a final freestanding height of 196.9 feet.
  • It can lift a LOT. Its maximum load capacity on this project is 70,550 lbs—using a single line pull. When using a double line system, it can load up to 141,090 lbs!
  • Flexible radius. Maximum radius in operation is 213.3 feet. Minimum reach in operation is just 13.1 feet. This allows for maximum use of the construction site.

But that’s not all! The Linden Comansa LC550 tower crane installed earlier this year on the project site is the tallest freestanding Linden Comansa 21LC550 tower crane in North America, when measured from hook to base.

Learn more about the LCL700 in Linden Comansa’s April 2018 press release and watch the action-packed video of the installation.

Photos by Fueled Industries / Colby Williams.