Seattle Genetics Building 3 Phase II | Bothell

With Phase I complete and occupied, Seattle Genetics turned its attention to converting the now unoccupied portion of Building 3 from light manufacturing to validated development and research lab space. This project required a new rooftop platform to support all new mechanical systems: make-up and return air handlers, process and general exhaust units, and chillers. The lab equipment includes: 15 new fume hoods, 21 biosafety cabinets, new  500-gallon validated RODI water system with distribution to 25 DI drops, validated cold room, autoclave, glass washers, dehydrogenation and drying ovens – all in support of the 23,000 square foot development and research space. 


GLY specializes in understanding design qualifications for this type of work, and played a crucial role in ensuring all systems and equipment were installed, operating and performing correctly so that the painstakingly precise timing of validating is successful for Seattle Genetics. Lean construction principles, including Pull Planning sessions and prefabrication, helped the team achieve greater efficiency and goals for quality.


Owner: Seattle Genetics

Architect: Stock + Associates

VDC + a collaborative team approach were critical to the success of this project. Taking a Revit design by Stock & Associates, the GLY team worked inside the 3D model with MEP partners PSF Mechanical, Nelson Electric and Sparling to complete it. This process supported an efficient construction phase.