Overlake Medical Center Imaging Relocation | Bellevue

As one of several phases to make way for the hospital’s new Cancer Center, the Outpatient Imaging relocation project not only created necessary space for future construction, but also created a much more efficient set-up for the Imaging Clinic.


The new clinic features 2 MRI suites, CT, Pet CT, X-ray, flouro, dexa, ultrasound and read rooms. Mechanical systems include new chilled water and the complex routing of the quench pipe to the MRI suites. The team analyzed the existing VAV mechanical system, reusing it where applicable with additional ductwork and zoning.


Highly coordinated efforts between many stakeholders across the team led to a conflict-free, two-day move of six pieces of equipment between two levels of the hospital.


Owner: Overlake Medical Center

Architect: TGB Architects