Overlake Heart + Vascular Center | Bellevue

The David and Shelley Hovind Heart + Vascular Center is designed to provide the best patient experience while allowing flexibly for future technologies and practices. By integrating multiple cardiac services into one facility, patients have easier access to services and physicians to collaborate and coordinate patient care. The 23,000 square foot space in Overlake’s West Tower was completed in four phases to accommodate ongoing hospital operations. It features two Electrophysiology [EP] Labs, two Catheterization [Cath] Labs, one Vascular Interventional Radioscopy [VIR] Lab, new Uninterrupted Power Supply [UPS] to ensure image quality during patient procedures in the event of a power outage, 15 pre/post operation rooms, a conference room designed to be converted to an additional procedure lab at a later date, new radiology rooms, and a new dedicated rooftop AHU to supply air to the new space.


Owner: Overlake Medical Center

Architect: TGB Architecture