Hyatt Regency Expansion | Bellevue

21-story expansion that significantly increased the capacity for conference and hospitality space in downtown Bellevue. Expansion consisted of five floors of subterranean parking, three levels of ballrooms and auditoriums, sloped meeting and conference center, 25 floors of post-tension deck and 18 stories of hotel rooms. The project utilized 26,000 cubic yards of concrete, and included the renovation of the Wintergarden atrium. The central hotel kitchen was also renovated to accommodate the demands of the expansion, requiring GLY to phase that work so that cook lines remained available to service hotel patrons 24/7.


Developer: Kemper Development Company

Architect: Sclater Partners

This project posed difficult challenges to minimize disruption to hotel guests in the existing tower. GLY’s creativity in addressing these challenges and concern for keeping our guests happy cannot be overstated.

Fritz Walter, Director of Construction, Kemper Development Company