GLY Construction | Bellevue

When relocating to Bellevue’s 200 Building, GLY endeavored to create a space reflective of our passion for innovation and commitment to sustainability. Our Integrated Design Manager, a registered Architect, collaborated with NBBJ via 3D modeling to develop the design that achieved these goals. Strategies included: intensive recycling; use of natural light, natural materials and recycled modular interiors; energy, mechanical and HVAC updates and controls; low-flow water systems; Energy Star-rated appliances; dimmers and occupancy sensors; and purchase of Green Power credits. The project is LEED Gold-CI certified.


The quick-turn renovation had to be carried out with minimal disruption to the otherwise occupied building, so naturally we turned to our own Interiors | Special Projects. Work included demolition of existing mechanical system and installation of new system consisting of new FCUs, 20-ton chiller and associated ductwork. Other scope of the 18,600 square foot project covered kitchen, workout facility, and multiple conferencing and collaboration spaces to promote communication and teamwork. Finishes include exposed ceilings, polished concrete floors, skylights and etched glass.



Owner: GLY Construction

Architect: NBBJ; GLY Construction