Din Tai Fung | Bellevue

Interior build-out in Lincoln Square for this world-renowned restaurant, which originated in Asia. As the second location in the United States, it was imperative that GLY complete the fast-track project on time in order to open for business before the peak of the holiday season – with many patrons anxiously awaiting its arrival! The 6,800 square foot high-end build-out features a custom casework bar, full-service kitchen, dining space, and lounge waiting area. A 1,300 square foot steel mezzanine was constructed above the kitchen to support various MEP equipment including a custom Pollution Control Unit.


Owner: Din Tai Fung

Architect: Chin-Ley/Reche Associates


We have had a great customer service experience with GLY, even after almost two years!

David Wasielewski, Owner, Din Tai Fung