Boeing Renton Site Logistics + Ductbank Projects

Applying Lean Design/Construction techniques to daily processes played a significant role in keeping this complex project on the right track. This high-traffic Renton production facility was in need of site modifications to accommodate the increase in employees/traffic and improve work site efficiencies.


Site logistic improvements include construction of a new marshalling yard and 10,000 square foot storage facility, a new truck inspection station, relocating the main entry gate and badge office, and renovating 90% of the parking within the fenced industrial site.


In addition to the logistical improvements, GLY is also installed new primary power ductbanks, connecting two substations to the main production buildings. Ductbank work involved construction around several railroad crossings and careful coordination with management, as it extends through many critical areas of the occupied site.


Owner: Boeing Commercial Airplane Division

Architect: Berger Abam