Blucora | Bellevue

This project represents a new work environment unique to Blucora and its corporate culture, yet functional for everyday work flow. Located in Bellevue’s Plaza Center, it is a modern corporate open-office concept spread over two floors adjoined by a one-of-a-kind communicating stair. The new 36,000 square foot space includes 45 individual offices, seven flexible collaboration areas, eight glass conference rooms, and high-end reception and break areas.


GLY teamed with the architect and construction manager very early during space planning to organize the budget by area, a format that essentially created a virtual menu for the client by tying turnkey pricing to each design option. This efficient and collaborative process identified over 30 items where savings could be achieved and value added to other areas of the project.


Owner: Blucora

Construction Manager: Spring Street Company

Architect: SkB Architects