Ted Hammrich

Ted is an industry veteran who has been in construction for as long as he can remember. At a young age, he helped his dad flip houses. Today, Ted is key member of GLY’s Microsoft Special Projects team. With projects that require a large amount of self-performed work, it’s a perfect place for Ted since he’s able to use his sought-after finish carpentry skills. You can count on Ted to be the first one on the job and the last one leave as he lives by his dad’s motto, “If you are not at least 15 minutes early, you are late.”


key projects

Microsoft Campus Projects

Ted Hammrich
ISP Superintendent








He and his wife hold a golf tournament every year for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.


Not ashamed to admit he rocked a mullet for far too long.


Originally from South Dakota, but has lived in WA for the past 30 years.