Jesse Neil

On a Saturday in 1988, 13-year old Jesse shadowed his father on a jobsite and helped lay out concrete tilt panels. From that day forward, he knew he wanted to be in construction. Now a second-generation craftsman who followed his father to GLY, Jesse steadily progressed from a journeyman to foreman to Superintendent. He never ceases to be amazed by the raw talent that people possess and put to use on a construction project. In addition to being a full time Superintendent, Jesse is a full time bleacher dad after work and on the weekends, cheering for his kids who play sports year round.

key projects

Group Health Puyallup Medical Center | Puyallup Kilroy Skyline Tower Lobby + Plaza | Bellevue Vulcan Block 34, Amazon Headquarters | Seattle

Jesse Neil







His wife and kids believe he can build anything.


Puget Sound native. Has never lived anywhere else.


Built his first rental house by himself at age 29…and will never do it again.