Dennis Sizemore

Dennis is the go-to guy on anything and everything concrete. At age 15, he poured and finished driveways, patios and shop slabs. When he started at GLY at 18, he was the youngest journeyman in his union. Today, he’s a concrete master who oversees projects up to one million square feet. His favorite aspect of the job is being able to meet everyone in the company since he’s not on one single project for an extensive amount of time.

key projects

Lincoln Square Expansion | Bellevue Vulcan Block 52e, Amazon Headquarters | Seattle Microsoft Studios West, Studios C + D | Redmond

Dennis Sizemore
Cement Mason Superintendent











His first pair of rubber boots were made of duct tape.


In limited spare time, he hunts, fishes, and works on home improvement projects.


Concrete comes third in his life after his wife and two little ones.