Dan Frye

Dan is GLY’s go-to guy for anything and everything relating to site surveys and layout. As a consummate team play and expert on layout technology, Dan is responsible for not only planning and coordinating project needs with superintendents, but also for training and educating the GLY Layout Crew and helping The Yard with long range equipment planning. He finds his job very fulfilling – especially when it comes to teaching and looking back at the many notable projects he’s been a party of. When he’s not out in the field, Dan is 100% family man, spending as much time with his wife and kids as he can.

key projects

Vulcan Block 44, Amazon Headquarters | Seattle Vulcan Block 52e, Amazon Headquarters | Seattle Lincoln Square Expansion | Bellevue

Dan Frye
Layout Superintendent







If he wasn’t a Layout Pro, Dan would be putting his BA in Psychology to use!


Always on the move [albeit slowly] on his Farmall Tractor.


Hiking, mountain biking and camping enthusiast.