Chris Shoemaker

Chris has spent the majority of his time at GLY working on the Microsoft campus — with projects ranging from small tenant improvements to a large campus expansion — and often supervising several projects at once. When not on the job, you’ll find Chris wakeboarding or hiking with his family at their Lake Cushman cabin or cheering on the Hawks at CenturyLink. If forced to give up his beloved career in the construction industry, Chris would be a helicopter pilot without hesitation.

key projects

Microsoft B5 + B6 WPA 2.0 | Redmond Microsoft FY15 Café 34 Refresh | Redmond Microsoft Studios West, Studios C + D | Redmond

Chris Shoemaker








Used to rock a mullet when he drove his 79 Fire Bird.


Would like to meet music legend, Janis Joplin.


Seattle Seahawks season ticket holder.