Bryce Taylor

Bryce is always on the go. Between his involvement in numerous industry organizations, managing some of GLY’s larger projects, and overseeing a home remodel project, he is a busy guy with constant energy. As a Pennsylvania transplant who moved to the Northwest after experiencing a few weeks of Seattle summer, Bryce makes sure to bring back Whoopie Pies after each visit home. Along with his wife and son, he enjoys skiing, biking, searching for new and unusual places.

key projects

Vulcan Block 52e, Amazon Headquarters | Seattle SJCC Auditorium | Mercer Island LMN Architects Office Reinvention | Seattle

Bryce Taylor
LEED Green Associate
Project Executive | Senior Project Manager







Strongly committed to serving his community.


Enjoys going to Disneyland just as much as Hawaii.


Regular source of comic relief around the office.