Alan Kniffin

An excellent knowledge of construction means, methods, and materials and experience in almost every market sector are the result of Alan’s 35+ year career in the construction business. He started as a union carpenter in Seattle in 1977, and steadily increased his responsibilities until holding leadership positions on projects across the Continental United States, Hawaii, Guam, Dubai, U.A.E., and Canada. Back in the Pacific Northwest, he now focuses on supporting GLY’s high and low rise office projects. His favorite part about his job? Scheduling and problem [or opportunity] solving.

key projects

Lincoln Square Expansion | Bellevue Vulcan Block 52e, Amazon Headquarters | Seattle

Alan Kniffin
Project Executive
  • Has a lifelong travel bug…been to all 50 states and 27 countries.
  • Fishing, hunting, fishing and more fishing.
  • Always looking for ways to turn problems into opportunities.