passionately local – working for our region, our communities + our great outdoors.

This is our place in the world. We’re planners by nature, builders at heart, and innovators with a passion for problem-solving.


never stand stillon or off the jobsite. We are mountain climbers, photographers, river guides, writers and triathletes and are often found outdoors enjoying our beautiful Northwest backyard. Biking, boating, hiking, golfing, fishing and hunting are regular occasions for camaraderie and good-natured competition.


grow together. We’re a team of diverse personalities with varied pursuits, but we’re united by our appreciation of hard work and dedication to giving back. We value each other, and like to share successes, challenges and our personal milestones. Yes, that means weddings, babies and monster steel-head photos. It all makes up the fabric of our community.


share a common goal. The Pacific Northwest is our home and we want to preserve the quality of life – for our children’s children. On every project, we have the opportunity to play a role in ensuring economic vitality, improving our communities and preserving our natural resources so that we can all share in the future success of our region.