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summer interns give the scoop: part 1


As the 2017-2018 school year begins, we say farewell to a group of 12 top-notch interns who spent their summer at various jobsites gaining valuable experience to apply in their next endeavors. During these internships, we hope to instill GLY’s culture of continuous improvement and mentorship. Commitment to employee growth starts from the moment one enters the door as an intern and carries on to years of seniority and increasingly higher level positions.

Each internship experience is different, yet all have one thing in common—the interns teach us just as much as we teach them. It often takes new perspectives to open one’s eyes to new ways of thinking. As we thank each intern as they depart, we listen to what they learned, gained, and will remember most from their GLY internship experience.

GLY interns 2017

The 2017 Summer interns tour the Lincoln Square Expansion project.

Washington State University: Construction Management

What project did you work on?
I was part of the Microsoft Special Projects [MSP] team and started the summer at the B42 Intelligent Workplace [IW] project, which was in the closeout phase of construction. I then moved to the MSP satellite office where I helped with preconstruction on the new IW projects: 113 + 115. One unique aspect of MSP is the small projects division, which gave me the opportunity to run challenging, fast-tracked projects.

Describe a typical day.
It was actually quite varied, giving me exposure to lots of different aspects of construction, which aided in the copious amount of knowledge of the construction industry I attained during my summer. I had the opportunity to attend OAC meetings, design meetings, and estimate alignment meetings. I reviewed submittals, submitted weekly updates, took meeting minutes, performed cost studies, and used On-Screen Takeoff regularly. I also had the pleasure of creating two separate estimates.

Was anyone in particular a big help to you?
Everybody at the MSP office was willing to drop what they were doing and help/teach me above and beyond the questions I asked. But the main mentors were: Robb Waldburger, Tracey Swirski, Garrett Werlinger and Jess Donnerberg. There are many more, but those four stand out as people who are great at what they do and taught me the most about how they do it.

What did you find most challenging?
The fact that I still have so much to learn about the construction industry. Thankfully, I had tremendous support from all the people around me—helping me learn something new every day.

What was the best part?
All the great people I met and worked with on a daily basis. I didn’t know I could laugh so much and learn even more all in the same place. I looked forward to hearing hilarious remarks or learning a new joke every day.

What did GLY offer that you hadn’t experienced in the past?
A challenging yet encouraging and comfortable environment that allowed me to learn the correct ways to do things in an industry I am very passionate about. In the past, I didn’t experience very many activities or tasks. The GLY team took the time to teach me and gave me the freedom to run with tasks myself. GLY also offers a lot of additional training and educational opportunities catered to different skill levels and interests.

Cole Schwartz

Project Engineer Intern Cole Schwartz

Meredith Beckman

Project Engineer Intern Meredith Beckman

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo: Construction Management

What project did you work on?
Amazon Block 21

What were your responsibilities? What was a typical day like?
Working in the preconstruction phase of a project, most of my work revolved around submittals, QA/QC logs, and keeping parts of the Revit model up-to-date with drawings. Many days I also attended team meetings, constructability meetings, and coordination meetings with subcontractors.

Was there one person in particular that was a big help during your time here?
This one is extremely hard to narrow down. GLY’s Jane Mounsey and Ashley Praetorius were gracious enough to interview even though they were at max intern capacity for the summer. I did a wide variety of tasks until Senior Project Engineer Greg Burke took me under his wing as a mentor for the summer, which took me to the Amazon Block 21 project. Everyone on my project was helpful not only in answering my questions but also giving me new things to think about … and spark even more questions about the work they do.

What did you find most interesting?
I really enjoyed going on various job site tours. It was intriguing to see different stages of construction projects and the varying successes and challenges they all faced.

What did you find most challenging?
This being my first internship at a young age [I just completed my freshman year], I initially found it challenging to find a balance of professionalism while also asking plenty of seemingly obvious questions.

Did the experience help you decide what you wanted to focus on in the next year or in your next internship or job?
Yes! This summer left me even more fascinated in the finished product. I liked seeing the final projects for clients and how people coexist within them. No matter the type of project, putting the final touches on a building is what makes each unique and is a part of construction I want to delve into more.

What did GLY offer that you haven’t experienced before?
GLY made a very good impression; individuals care for both their company and their clients.

What brought you to GLY?
Before this summer, I intended to work at my usual dock tenant job but decided it was time to get out of my comfort zone and gain more knowledge about what I’ve been doing in school. I began reaching out to a few construction companies hoping for any type of job to get my foot in the door and was extremely excited to accept GLY’s offer. After having this experience, I am glad I reached out to people I wasn’t originally familiar with and asked for help in finding the right internship fit for me.