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partners on the job, in the community, and for the future

Fifty years is indeed a milestone. It is an occasion to celebrate—an opportunity to look back, take in the moment, and then look forward. Last week we gathered with longtime colleagues, friends, and clients at the fantastic new W Hotel in Bellevue to do just that. It was a great evening, and even greater reminder of all the things we accomplished together over the years. Our collective success is directly attributable to the partnerships, collaboration and trust we share with all of you.

Over the course of the evening, many people asked me about GLY’s history. As with most origin stories of the Northwest, ours has a modest yet determined beginning. Two builders from the Midwest, Harold Gall and Bob Landau, worked on projects in Alaska and Seattle for a St. Louis-based construction firm during the late 1950s and early 1960s. When the time came to return home in 1967, their shared appreciation of our region’s majestic natural beauty and entrepreneurial spirit resulted instead in the forming of Gall Landau Construction.

From the firm’s inception, Bob and Harold built a unique culture. Honesty and humble confidence were as important as budgets and deadlines. They valued lifelong learning, thoughtful leadership, and both fiscal and technical excellence. Unwavering commitment to their employees and clients helped build their reputation in the marketplace. Sincere compassion for the community ensured that recognizing and helping to meet the needs of its inhabitants would always be a priority. This blueprint for service and integrity is something we continue to embrace today.

Frank Young joined the firm in 1971, forming Gall, Landau and Young construction, which eventually became simply GLY. The founders and next generation of leaders—Roger Anderson, Van Hardy and Lee Kilcup—knew the importance of a solid leadership transition plan to the future viability and success of GLY. So began a tradition of shifting partnership based on merit and generosity that successfully transitioned four leadership teams over the last 30 years. Each has been a team effort of leadership and mentoring that provided the right fit at the right time for the evolution and growth of GLY.

the founders

After Bob Landau’s retirement in 1976, he continued to be a mentor to many of us over the years. He was encouraging and inquisitive, a hopeful philanthropist, and staunch supporter of the AGC Education Foundation. He marveled at how the industry was evolving, but could also walk the job and pinpoint opportunities to improve even the smallest detail. I feel very lucky to have had a personal relationship with Bob for over 20 years, and hoped he would be there to celebrate GLY’s 50th Anniversary. Unfortunately, he passed earlier this year at the age of 93, and we all greatly miss him.

Today we are thinking more and more about the future and a world that continues to grow ever more complex. While the core values established at GLY are still relevant as ever, we have a heightened focus on diversity in our skills, employees, and the evolution of lean and efficient means for delivering projects. We continue to invest heavily in training and education, technology, and new practices that will change the course of construction in the next 10 years.

people matter most

Our clients have made us sharper, more aware of their challenges, and inspired us to be better at everything we do. Together we will continue collaborating and putting our minds to work to harvest the collective wisdom of our organizations. As partners on the job and in the community, we share a common goal—to accomplish great things across all spectrums of our industry and region. We will continue to honor the past by cherishing our relationships, and together, reimagine the future by finding better ways to deliver and to serve.

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