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NAIOP community enhancement 2017

Every year since 1990, the Puget Sound A/E/C community looks forward to the NAIOP Community Enhancement [CE] event—an all-hands-on-deck, company-wide tradition for many firms. The NAIOP CE committee plans this day of fun, contribution, inspiration and hard work months in advance. After selecting a local non-profit or government organization in need of upgrades beyond its capacity to do so on its own, A/E/C sponsors and volunteers prepare for the big day by gathering supplies, prefabricating pieces of larger projects, and planning site logistics to ensure a smooth-running event on a designated Saturday in early Fall.

It’s amazing what can happen in a single 12-hour day when over 400 people come together. Each is ready to do any task at hand to check everything off the project list, and GLY is always among the crowd.

This year, NAIOP chose to support Farmer Frog, a sustainable, educational farm in Woodinville that not only turns underutilized sites into environmentally sound, food-producing farms and gardens, but also supports schools and other educational programs by providing hands-on learning and empowering people to grow their own food.

Over the next several years, Farmer Frog staff hope that other communities will look to their example and replicate their methodology. The NAIOP CE event was certainly a catalyst to help Farmer Frog reach this goal and become a self-sufficient organization in the years to come.

On Saturday, September 30, just under 500 volunteers showed up bright and early up to make a difference for Farmer Frog, despite gray skies that threatened rain. Young and old alike spent the day completing the following projects:


  • 3 commercial greenhouses
  • 200 lineal feet of 12-foot-tall bear deterrent fencing
  • 500 lineal feet of new split rail fencing along the wetland boundary
  • 2 separate aquaponics gardening stands and containers
  • 45 planter racks for seedling starts
  • 22 raised planter beds filled with compost
  • gravel roads including a new main entrance
  • gates at 2 entry locations


  • over one-half mile of hiking trails
  • planting beds and paver areas throughout the site
  • 4 acres of evasive species [cleared from the site]


  • orchard with more than 30 fruit trees
  • 20 logs for mushrooms planting

At the end of the day, NAIOP and its sponsors completed over $300,000 worth of improvements for Farmer Frog … and we can’t wait to see its impact on the community in the near future!


NAIOP lunch

The sun came out in time for lunch.

planter racks and greenhouse

One of the new greenhouses filled with planter racks for seedlings.


Portion of the new split-rail fencing along the wetland boundary.

Heather Johnston

Team effort all the way! Design Manager Heather Johnston's side-kick joined her in the hard work.