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living future unConference [and shameless plug for SEC]


Why do I love working at GLY? Because we care about the projects we build, our employees, and the environment. I get to be part of GLY’s Sustainability Advocacy Group—since I bleed green.

Recently I attended the Living Future unConference in Seattle. If you’re not familiar with this event, the unConference is put on by The Living Future Institute [] and consists of multiple days of sustainable building tours, workshops, and pre-func parties that all lead up to the actual unConference.

living future unconference

Amanda Sturgeon, CEO of the International Living Future Institute, speaks at the Biophilic Design Summit.

There are multiple workshops where you can hear about lessons learned, advances in green building technology, and the realism of environmental abuse—how it not only affects the ecosystem, but the human psyche as well. There are trailblazing speakers, inspirational panel discussions, energy filled events, and live entertainment. This year the unConference was hosted at the Westin, which allowed attendees to use public transportation to and from the event, or stay at the host hotel, which is always top notch.

One floor was dedicated to vendors, offering many green solutions to building products and providing a hands-on look at materials. Most vendors carry green labels, such as Greenguard and Declare. Talking one-on-one with local reps helped me walk away with great information for materials we use every day.

The information is exciting, the workshops informative, and the connections will stay with you throughout your career. Definitely a must attend function if you want to know the best and brightest.

If you’re into green as much as I am and looking for more opportunities to network and learn, you should know about the Seattle Eastside Collaborative [SEC] of the Cascadia Green Building Council, which GLY is proud to host. The SEC offers bi-monthly events such as workshops and industry tours that provide forward thinking education, a network of personal and business connections, and the opportunity to voice leadership on the most critical issues of our time. To get on the mailing list and find events on the Eastside or in the greater Puget Sound region, send a note to Don’t worry, we won’t spam you—we average one email per month.

AIA Materials Matter series, August 11. GLY will be there and I have the honor of being a guest speaker—you should join us!