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It’s not often that a unique career opportunity presents itself in the construction management world—one that steers away from the traditional project engineer to executive path, but still requires the same in-depth knowledge and passion for the industry.

GLY is excited to present one of these out-of-the-norm and hard-to-find opportunities in the form of a Learning + Development Specialist. Given its uniqueness and our determination to find the right match for the role, GLY HR Director Jane Lyda Mounsey answers a few questions regarding this new position:

Why is this position unique?
Not only is this a chance for someone in the A/E/C industry to explore a new career path, but the selected candidate will have the opportunity to support GLY’s core value of continuous improvement.

We are proud of our reputation as a company that works hard to advance individuals along their chosen career path, and the Learning + Development Specialist will play a fundamental role in strengthening and improving these efforts. Want to stand out and be a GLY game changer? This is your chance!

leadership class

GLY employees engage in the 2018 Lighthouse Leadership class, one of many programs coordinated by the Learning + Development Specialist.

Who should apply?

  • Those who love the industry and their career but need a change in the demanding pace. It’s no secret that managing a project sometimes requires long and unpredictable hours. As the L+D Specialist, you can look forward to a more regular—and predictable—schedule.
  • Those who have a solid understanding of the A/E/C industry—including the game [processes] and the players [from Project Engineers and Managers to General Foremen and Superintendents].
  • Those who have a knack for facilitating curriculum development. This one is unique, so here’s an example: you’re a Senior Project Engineer who happens to be adept at writing and compiling new training documents for Project Engineer onboarding AND you’ve volunteered to lead a four-part training program alongside one of the Integrated Design Engineers. This kind of work totally gets you out of bed in the morning.

In short, you care about learning and development and want to make it your central focus.

Are you looking for specific capabilities or traits?
Self-starters with an appetite and initiative will thrive in this role.

How do I apply?
Please visit