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GLY’s carbon reduction pledge

carbon footprint results

In 2012, GLY started tracking—and subsequently offsetting—its carbon footprint through Forterra’s Evergreen Carbon Capture program. Over the past six years, we have planted over 900 trees in parks throughout the Puget Sound to cover the footprint of GLY’s main office in Bellevue, WA.

In an effort to expand our carbon awareness this year, we upped the ante and encouraged employees to calculate their household carbon footprint through Forterra’s individual carbon calculator and share the results. The purpose? Collect this data annually and pledge to reduce our carbon footprint at home slowly but surely.

In order to accomplish this, employees voluntarily set a reduction goal and shared their strategies with each other to reach it. From simple actions such as readjusting the thermostat as the seasons change to bigger investments such as purchasing an electric vehicle, employees’ goals and strategies to get there were impressive. Below are the top three ways that we plan on reducing our household carbon footprint over the next year.

 carbon footprint reduction strategies

Can we do it? We’ll report back in April 2019!