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diverse perspectives re: COVID-19

A global disruption turns normal routines upside down. It adds to existing crises and underscores the need to address long-neglected issues. However, not all is doom and gloom. In the challenge to adapt, we discover better processes and initiate positive change. By tuning into diverse perspectives, we gain a better understanding of the possibilities and opportunities for our post-COVID-19 world.

GLY Design Managers and Design Engineers play a crucial role in project communications. They have backgrounds in design, engineering, and construction, which gives them a holistic view and the ability to coordinate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders. Considering this, we wanted to pick their brains about COVID-19 impacts on the AEC industry. We asked this group of 15 employees a variety of questions, such as “Which market sectors will struggle most and why?” and compiled their answers into the infographic below.

Some responses align with prevailing thoughts while others are more surprising. Some warrant further exploration, which we plan to do in a series of in-depth follow-up pieces. Consider this an open invitation to share your perspective, too. Use the comments section at the bottom of this post. After all, our collective intelligence is greater than the sum of our individual experience.

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Ray Wetherholt
July 15, 2020 8:51 am

As one who spends time sorting through documents from the forensic side of things, as well as being a building enclosure consultant, I find that collaboration is great, as long as the software being used works, and is easy to use. Then the records need to be accessible (and searchable) without having degrees in computer science and programming, or the use of specialized software. And remember stuff gets built by people, not software, not yet anyway. And QC/QA during construction still needs to be done in person, even with UAV assistance. You’ve got a good start in stimulating the conversation.
My 2 bits.


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