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Bellevue’s Environmental Stewardship Plan

Two years ago, GLY joined fellow sustainability leaders in supporting the evolution of Bellevue’s Environmental Stewardship Plan. Since the first workshop in September 2019, representatives from regional and local transportation and housing authorities, educational institutions, not-for-profit advocacy groups, and prominent Bellevue-based private sector companies have shared ideas and values to inform strategic sustainability priorities. The City also held numerous public outreach events with Bellevue residents to get their input.

Through this continuous collaboration, the City officially adopted its 2021-2025 Environmental Stewardship Plan in December of 2020 and recently kicked off a Sustainable Leaders Workgroup to help guide this plan to fruition.

As a construction Sustainability Specialist who’s worked in the City of Bellevue for many years, it’s an honor to be part of the environmental stewardship planning group. Witnessing the City evolve in response to the changing global landscape and raise the bar for the community has been an inspiring experience. When a city prioritizes residents and businesses, the whole community flourishes.

2021-2025 Environmental Stewardship Plan: The Highlights

The City’s overall goals are highly achievable. Developers in particular should pay close attention to the Green Building incentives that Bellevue offers. The ROI is more than monetary—you set an example for the community and future developers by taking the necessary steps to improve your projects’ environmental impacts, which ultimately creates healthier communities.

The 10-year goals make a conscious effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. Residents, businesses, and workers commuting within the City of Bellevue need to take a hard look at their transportation habits and potentially make some changes to achieve this goal. Once Sound Transit opens the East Link Extension, slated for 2023, I predict more people will opt in to public transportation.

Overall Goals
  • Require EV charging readiness for new commercial and multi-family buildings.
  • Enhance incentives for Green Building [Living Building Challenge or Net Zero Energy].
  • Encourage solar readiness in new construction.
  • Reduce of construction + demolition waste.
10 Year Goals
  • Reduce greenhouse gas [GHG] emissions by 50%.
  • Reduce energy use overall by 15%.
  • 80% renewable energy use.
  • Increase tree canopy by 200+ acres.
  • Reduce single occupant vehicles to below 60%.
  • 1:4 electric to gas vehicle ratio.
  • Recycle more than 50% of waste.
  • 80% of households within 1/3 of a mile from a park, open space, or trail [supports City in a Park vision].
By 2050
  • Reduce GHG emissions by 80%.
  • Reduce energy use overall by 30%.
  • 100% renewable energy use.
  • Increase tree canopy by 600+ acres.
  • Reduce single occupant vehicles to below 45%.
  • Reduce miles driven by 50% through transit alternatives and teleworking.
  • 100% electric vehicle use [for new registered vehicles].
  • 65% of households within a quarter mile of a frequent transit stop.
  • 100% of households within 1/3 of a mile from a park, open space, or trail.
  • 85% of jobs within a quarter mile of a frequent transit stop.
  • Zero Waste of resources, diverting at least 90% from landfills.

Are you ready to help create a sustainable future for Bellevue? Message me on LinkedIn.

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