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a higher level of collaboration + accountability.

Collaboration raises everyone’s game. We resolved things together, because we knew helping each other succeed meant we’re all going to succeed.

The basic tenets of the IPD approach have always been at the heart of our planning processes: proactive planning, early collaboration, waste reduction, fast-track scheduling, 3D modeling and a company culture of continuous learning and innovation. We were ready to slip seamlessly into the IPD process.


shared risk and reward. In short, Integrated Project Delivery [IPD] is a partnership, an alternative delivery format which commits owner, designer and contractor to a three-way contract of shared risk and reward. When everyone has “skin in the game,” it’s rewarding to fully engage, support each other, and find the very best solutions for the project and the people who will use it.


We love to colocate with the design team as part of the IPD process, and engage subcontractors as well. An organized approach to accessing construction expertise early in the design process benefits everyone. Fully resolving design solutions digitally and on paper as a team is money well spent, as it normally saves money.


Together, we get a lot done quickly and more accurately — testing compatibility, cost and constructability as we go — always with the owner’s goals in mind. IPD builds strong partners, relationships and buildings.