integrating sustainability

what’s the bottom line?

accountability for generations to come.

We take our responsibility to future generations seriously. We don’t want the decisions we make today to compromise the ability of our children to lead healthy, happy, successful lives.


Sustainability requires long-term thinking. At GLY, it is not just about protecting the environment and mitigating our impact, but about supporting strong communities and healthy natural systems – the two things our economy depends upon for success.


we don’t have all the answers, but we have curiosity, a desire to learn and a deep love for our beautiful region. Our business is waste and energy intensive so our decisions and actions carry great responsibility. GLY is working hard to learn from and share knowledge with our colleagues, clients and friends to understand how systems relate to and impact each other, to find ways to solve problems, create value and mitigate risk on all our projects. Join us in this experience by attending relevant industry events and checking out our blog, Think:


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Sustainability is about our future as a business, as a community, as people. We are determined to lead with positive changes that invest in our future.