Daily collaboration at Block 34 | Seattle

begin with the end in mind.

Your team’s dedication to exceptional performance and great results is a testament to what Microsoft values in a vendor relationship. We look forward to your continued high level of professionalism, commitment to quality execution, and leadership in innovation.

We put our clients’ interests first. Collaboration is the best way to build a genuine partnership and make a stressful process easier – with everyone focused on the common goal: successful delivery.


managing complexity. There are always difficult issues, complicated problems and uncertainties. We ask the right questions, think about the broader context, take time to understand the impact of one system on another and plan carefully. This is the GLY approach to reimagining delivery.


creating value. True value is about more than responsible budget management. It is about maximizing the return on every dollar spent, creating spaces that support and delight their communities, and integrating sustainability to protect the natural resources we rely on for health and wealth.


mitigating risk. Every decision has a consequence – not just for the budget or the building but for the health and safety of the people who live and work there and for the natural environment that supports us all. We engage in restorative and regenerative practices to mitigate environmental impact and our sophisticated budget controls tie decisions to cost- and life-cycle impacts.