safety excellence – year after year.

A safe workplace is our commitment and has been actively demonstrated over the past three years with more than one million worker hours.

who are you safe for? A safe workplace is fundamental to our mission of building excellence through commitment and innovation. Creative solutions must always be safe ones. Our unwavering emphasis on safety encourages every employee, subcontractor and craftsperson to actively demonstrate safe work practices as an absolute priority. We have earned an impressive safety record – a five-year low EMR logged during an annual company record of more than one million worker hours – but we are not complacent. We want everyone to return home safely to family and friends feeling proud of their day’s work.


  • 2017 Lowest EMR Statewide: 0.5197 | AGC of Washington
  • 2010 – 2015 Certificate of Commendation: Excellent Safety Record | AGC of America
  • 2010 Lowest 10-Year EMR Average: 0.50 | AGC of Washington